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Test with complete (anonymous) consultation for a small price

We are an experienced and qualified consultant team who are open to people of any sexual orientations. Through a personal conversation with you, we assess your risks and clarify the need for testing. This is particularly important for men who have sex with men who should be regularly tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (e.g., syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia). The tests will provide the clarity of your (sexual) health. We are for everyone - regardless of their sexual orientation - as the primary contact for sexual health and HIV. If necessary, we can refer you further to specialists and consulting services.

Tests for special target groups

  • For gay men and other men who have sex with men: The MSM Health Check - rapid tests or laboratory tests for HIV and syphilis, smear tests for chlamydia and gonococci.
  • For PrEP users: The PrEP Check - The tests that PrEP users (people who protect themselves against HIV with a tablet) have to perform once a quarter: laboratory tests for HIV and syphilis, smear tests, kidney function values. Incidentally, the PrEP and the associated tests are available from 1 Sept. 2019 in special medical practices (see for statutory health insurance benefits. Of course, we continue to offer the PrEP check for € 35 for those who can not or do not want to be taken over by statutory health insurance companies.

Advice on PrEP:


More information about PrEP can be found here.

Our prices, services and opening hours

Our offer is basically anonymous.

Current price list (as of September 2019)

Risk analysis and consulting: free of charge

Health check for gay and bisexual men including HIV / Syphilis rapid test, smears for gonorrhea and chlamydia: 35.00 €

PrEP check including HIV and syphilis lab test, smears on chlamydia and gonococci, check of kidney function and consultation: 35.00 € (This offer is only valid for PrEP users)

S.A.M. - My home test: Submission test package for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonococci for taking samples at home ( 32.00 €

HIV rapid test: 26.00 €

HIV Laboratory test: 26.00 €

HIV PCR or viral load determination: 120.00 €

HIV self-test by Exacto for home care: 25.00 €

Syphilis laboratory addiction test: 10.00 €

Syphilis laboratory test (for known old syphilis): 2.,00 €

Hepatitis B Serology (addiction test): 20.00 €

Hepatitis A /B vaccine determination: € 6.00 each

Hepatitis C quick test: 15.00 €

Tripper / Chlamydia Smear tests (anal / oral / vaginal / urethral) by self-examination: 20.00 € each
As a measure of infection protection against coronavirus, we no longer offer oral swabs for the time being.

Checkpoint Munich
Location: Lindwurmstr. 71, 80337 Munich (Goetheplatz) | Entrance through courtyard entrance via lift or stairs, 1st floor

Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 17 to 19:30 (except public holidays). With very large demand, we reserve the right to close earlier.
Contact: phone +49 (0) 89 54 333 - 666

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